42 Ideas For Self-Care And Strong Busy Moms

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Do you want to practice self-care but feel that you have no time? You will find 42 ideas for self-care that even the busiest working mom will have time for!


According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the definition of self-care is “the practice of taking an active role in protecting one’s own well-being and happiness, in particular during periods of stress.”

“Expressing oneself is an essential form of self-care” What is your definition of self-care and are you making time for it.

My personal definition is that self-care is anything that you want it to be. If it makes you happy then it is self-care!

Is Self-Care Selfish?

It is so easy for us to get caught up in taking care of our families that we feel like we don’t have time to take care of ourselves. Self-care is very important and necessary. It is not a selfish act, because if you don’t take care of yourself then how can you take care of others.

My family depends on me to work so that I can contribute to my household financially. My young kids depend on me to care for them, educate them, and set a good example for them. In order for me to accomplish this, I need to be my best self and that’s where self-care comes in. We need to care for ourselves so that we can give our families our very best.

Self-care for the mind

self-care motivational quote from oprah winfrey that states you get in life what you have the courage to ask for www.teachworkmom.com

What is self-care for the mind? Mental self-care is anything that will help to reduce stress. Just 5-10 minutes of relaxing quiet time to relax and reflect on positive thoughts will help to reset your mind after a long day.

15 Easy Ideas For Self-Care To Relax Your Mind

  1. Take a few deep breaths. Stress causes your brain to release a hormone called cortisol. Long term effects of cortisol can cause anxiety, depression, intestinal problems (constipation, bloating, and diarrhea), decreased libido, and elevated blood pressure. When you take deep breaths your heart rate slows, you get more oxygen into your blood and your brain is signaled to relax. Get yourself oxygenated. Breathe into your abdomen and breathe out the air from your stomach and chest. An even better tip is to use aromatherapy. Taking a whiff of rosemary has been known to boost memory.
  2. Take a quick nap. 10 to 20 minutes is enough to reduce fatigue, increase alertness, and boost your mood.
  3. Have a good laugh. This one is my most favorite tip and the one that I most frequently refer to. This is the reason why I can’t live without Netflix. Watch a comedy or chat with your friends.
  4. Look at the 7 relaxing colors. Grassland and Ocean colors are pleasing to the eyes and have a calming effect. Utilize some of the 7 relaxing colors throughout your home, especially in your bedroom, or paint with them.
  5. Wake up early. Take an early morning rise before the family wakes up and enjoy some alone time or watch the sunrise. Starting your day early helps you to be more productive during the day which reduces stress levels.
  6. Be still for a minute. Take out time just to rest and reflect.
  7. Be Screen Free.  Disconnect from technology and get away from distractions.
  8. Be Spontaneous. Try something different or start a new hobby
  9. Keep a journal. Write down your thoughts and release your inner feelings or tap into your inner poet.
  10. Date Yourself. Treat yourself and spend some time doing something you really like.
  11. Buy something new for yourself. Refresh your wardrobe or home. Make it bright and new.
  12. Enjoy Nature’s Beauty. Watch the clouds in the sky or the stars at night. Perhaps with a bottle of wine or lemonade.
  13. Do a quick declutter. Do a mini purge and recycle something that you don’t really use. You can choose any area to declutter (bedroom, closet, car, etc.). This will also make room for you to treat yourself and buy something that you really like.
  14. Listen to Music. Listen to your favorite playlist or some relaxing music.
  15. Find a Podcast. There are so many podcasts that are available. Find one that you would enjoy or one that is enlightening.

Self-Care Ideas For The Body

Physical self-care is anything that feeds your emotions and is good for your body. It doesn’t have to be an extensive work-out. Just taking out a few extra minutes to do something good for your physical self.

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10 Physical Ideas for Self-Care

  1. Go for a walk. Sunlight is a natural antidepressant.
  2. Run for a few minutes. Light cardio will boost your endorphins which makes you feel happy.
  3. Make a small change to your diet. Make a healthy change to your lifestyle by eating more fruits and vegetables.
  4. Do a massage. Massage therapy has many health benefits. Massage increases circulation, reduces muscle tension, fatigue, stress. Incorporate essential oils for maximum relaxation.
  5. Have some healthy snacks. Supply energy to your body.
  6. Stretch Daily. Everyday stress can manifest itself as muscle tension and physical pain. Stretching increases range of motion relieves muscle tension, prevents, and relieves pain.
  7. Exercise Routine. It doesn’t have to be a hardcore exercise regimen if that’s not your thing. Walking at a moderate pace is enough. The key is to exercise regularly. 20 minutes of light to moderate exercise 4 days a week is recommended.
  8. Skincare Routine. A simple beauty routine will do wonders for the soul. It reduces stress, depression, and anxiety and boosts self-esteem. I enjoy and look forward to my nightly and morning skincare routine. It is my way of taking time out to do something just for me!
  9. Stay Hydrated. Drinking water removes toxins, helps to maintain your weight, lowers stress, regulates body temperature, and supports your circulatory system.
  10. Indulge. While maintaining a healthy eating lifestyle is important, indulging in a sweet or caffeinated treat in moderation is good for you too. Chocolate is a mood booster and dark chocolate is heart-healthy!

10 Ideas for Self-care And Work-life Balance

  1. Take a random day off. If you are feeling overwhelmed or stressed, take a mental health day off. I will occasionally take PTO without any planning or purpose. Just to be off from work.
  2. Plan for a weekend. Plan a short trip or a staycation just to escape.
  3. Get to work early. You get to avoid rush hour while taking your time getting to work. Running late naturally causes stress so start your morning early.
  4. Leave work early. Enjoy some free time for yourself.
  5. Eat lunch away from work. We get so busy with work that sometimes that I find me eating lunch at my desk while working. Sometimes you just need to step away from work and take a real break.
  6. Chat with friends. Every day my mother-in-law would talk to her friends on her lunch break. This would give her time to talk about anything other than work. You will find that you will return to work feeling recharged.
  7. Leave Work at Work. This one is really hard for me because I work from home so it is so easy for me to work late or even keep thinking about work. Make sure that when you are off work that you really are off. Don’t check your emails or even think about work. When you are at work then your employer owns your time, but when you are off of work then you own your time. Being off of work is all about you and your family.
  8. Wear your favorite outfit to work. Give your mood a boost by wearing your favorite outfit. I always feel better when I am wearing something that I love
  9. Take a long, warm bath or shower. We just remodeled our bathroom and converted our tub/shower unit into a walk-in shower. I just love sitting down on the bench after a long day and letting the warm water relax my muscles.
  10. Go to the Spa. Enjoy a spa day and get a facial and allow yourself to relax.
self-care inspirational quote from maya angelou that says you alone are enough, you have nothing to prove to anybody. www.teachworkmom.com


I love reading motivational quotes and mindset mamas is a great resource for inspiration. This is a great way to feel inspired and encouraged to endure through a long day. This is a quick way to practice a little bit of self-care even for the busiest mom. You can read motivational quotes on an app, social media, or even print them out as posters and hang them in your home. I made posters of motivational quotes from Dr. Seuss and put them in my daughter’s reading corner. It was such a nice touch.

Easy Self-Care Ideas For Busy Moms

Here are easy ideas for self-care when you are short on time. It is so much easier and at times more enjoyable to include our family in our self-care activities. If you include your family you will have more time to practice self-care and will be more likely to stick to it. It also promotes family bonding. It’s a win for the entire family!

  1. Make yourself a nice drink like chamomile tea, hot chocolate or juice sip it slowly and share with your kids unless you are drinking a glass of wine!
  2. Color in a coloring book with or your child. You can color with or beside your kids. You can even make a fun game by setting the timer and seeing who can color the fastest without coloring outside of the lines. I also love adult coloring books. I have two adult coloring apps that I use on my phone and I find that it is a great stress reliever and you get to create beautiful works of art.
  3. Cuddle Time. Make a cozy place to cuddle with your kids. We do this every day. Kids grow up so fast. That’s why it is important to take a step back and savor the memories that you are creating with them while they are still young. 
  4. Make a list of your Stressors. At first glance, this may seem like a counterproductive suggestion but it works. Make a list of whatever is worrying your mind. Then create an action plan on how you can relieve each stressor.
  5. Date your child. Plan a special one-on-one date with each kid. I created many fun memories with my daughter. When I was pregnant with my son, I remember the last mommy-daughter date that we had before my son was born. I was so excited to have my son but at the same time, I mourned the end of our twosome. Knowing that my daughter will never be the only child anymore was somewhat bittersweet at that moment. It is important to make time for each child to let them know that they are all just as important and loved. This way you will create your own special memories with each one.
  6.  Do a single tiny household chore. This is not the most fun idea on the list but it is a stress reliever. I find that if I do one small load of laundry a day that I can keep up with the laundry without wasting an entire day washing large loads. I only feel overwhelmed when I put off chores and allow them to snowball. Doing a chore each day will keep the house well maintained without being overwhelmed. Allowing your kids to help you with the chores promotes bonding, sets a great example for them, and teaches them responsibility. I give my kids age-appropriate chores starting at age two. This also boosts their confidence and encourages independence.
  7. Get your nails done. I cannot wait until my daughter is old enough so that we can get our nails done together. This one is going to be so much fun. She is such a girly girl and is already begging to get her nails done.

How much time do you need to practice self-care?

Practicing self-care is not easy when you are really busy working and taking care of your crew, but taking out the time to care for yourself should be a part of your daily routine even if it is just 10 minutes to do something for yourself.

If you feel like you have no time squeeze in at least one self-care activity a day. Even If you are having a hard time practicing self-care get a planner and schedule it into your day. You should plan to practice daily and weekly self-care activities. Choose whatever self-care activities that are realistic and easy for you to fit in.

How can you tell that you need more self-care?

Everyday stress is normal, but once you notice that your stress is growing and not going away, or you are feeling overwhelmed then it is time for you to increase your self-care. Every once in a while we need to treat ourselves and go beyond the small and actionable daily self-care activities. That’s why it is recommended to take a mental health day off or have a staycation. Sometimes we just need to escape from it all for a moment.

Where can you practice self-care?

You can practice self-care anywhere. Busy working moms become really good at multi-tasking. You can practice deep breathing or thoughts of gratitude in the morning during your commute to work. You can strengthen your core and practice proper posture while sitting at your desk at work. I complete part of my nightly skincare routine while I am in the shower. You will have more time for self-care if you group things together and multi-task.

What do you need to practice self-care?

You do not need any material things to practice self-care. All you need is self-love and a plan. Love yourself and take out time for yourself. Practice self-care with intention by planning out which self-care activities you want to experience and when.


Indulge and buy something just for you. It can be anything that you like. It could be a good book or a luxurious body scrub. I love beauty products and I am a recovering product junkie. I am really into Korean skincare products and they are now a staple in my beauty regimen. I have very sensitive skin and I find that Korean products pay special attention to their formula and also include skin calming ingredients.


If you have already read this post then you know what self-care is and why it is important. In case you haven’t, I will give you a recap. Self-care is anything that promotes happiness and well-being. Self-care is not selfish it is necessary. It is important for you and your family that you practice self-care. It also sets a good example for your kids because they will grow up to also take good care of themselves.

You have now read about plenty of ideas for self-care. Take a look at the self-care ideas from this post that you think that you can reasonably implement and make a plan. There are plenty of easy ideas for self-care that you can implement even when you are short on time. Make a plan to carry out daily and weekly self-care activities. Don’t forget about the emergency self-care activities for when you just really need to escape and decompress. Try to include your family as much as you can.

Comment below what are your favorite ideas for self-care?

Disclaimer: This post Disclosure might contain Amazon affiliate links. Any purchase made through such links will award me a small commission (or referral fee), at no extra cost for you. Regardless of whether or not I receive a commission, I only recommend products that I personally use and/or genuinely love (I would never promote any products or services that I wouldn’t pay for myself), and I always have my readers’ best interest at heart.

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