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About the author

Hello There,

I'm  Carolyn

Teach.Work.Mom is a mom lifestyle blog for busy working moms seeking to achieve work-life balance while nurturing their child's education. The goal is to provide a comprehensive one stop resource related to child education and positive parenting tips from pregnancy throughout childhood for busy working moms that are short on time and patience.

Topics covered by Teach.Work.Mom range from pregnancy/postpartum, homeschooling, self-care, and managing busy mom life. As many of my readers are also moms, I share in your frustrations as well as aim to educate and empower.

A Bit About Me
I am a Licensed Registered Nurse by profession who took a work at home position with an insurance company so that I could focus on bonding with my kids and being proactive with their education. Looking back, I learned a lot over the years on how to juggle work, home life, and parenting all at the same time. I had to do a lot of reading from many sources and a lot more trial and error. So that’s why the purpose of my blog is to provide the necessary resources all in one place to make things a bit easier for you.

The Mom Life
I am a wife and a mother of a three year-old and a one-year old. So I too am a busy working mom short on time and patience. So my range of topics has expanded to include things like home organization and work-life balance for those what want to remain organized and sane.

Throughout this blog, I share personal stories to connect with my readers.

Before you go, I invite you to my mailing list community, where you will find weekly update emails as well as a free exclusive content. I also share free tips and resources through my email newsletters.
You can sign up below to join my Mailing community list.

Busy Mom Life, teachworkmom.com
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